4 key considerations when landscaping your Edmonton property

When configuring the landscape for your home or business, a site analysis is needed to determine what design elements would best suit your specific property. This preliminary step is essential for the overall look, cost, safety and sustainability of your landscaping project. Here are some key elements that need to be considered.

1. Topography

Have a look at the existing layout, especially high and low points, steep slopes, peaks and depressions. Factor in large trees and permanent fixtures like rocks or streams, as well as manmade structures on the property. All of these features will need to be integrated into your design.

If you live in an area where there are natural disasters like mudslides or floods, there are specific safety measures to follow when building. Topography will determine where you can add pathways, gardens or landscaping rocks.

2. Soil type

The pH balance of the soil on your Edmonton property plays a major role in what trees and plants can thrive there. Most plants prefer neutral soil with a pH of 7, although there are many exceptions. Have your soil tested to determine what plant life will naturally flourish on your land. Soil that is overly acidic or alkaline can be treated to change the pH, but it’s easier to work with what’s naturally there.

3. Hazards

When it comes to landscaping, safety is an essential consideration. Creating a hazard-free outdoor space involves making sure to repair uneven pathways, trim trees, remove debris and build proper enclosures around swimming pools. It also means the overall design of your landscape must hold up against storms, harsh weather and natural disasters. Be aware of utility lines running underneath your yard before you start digging. Call a professional to ensure your design won’t pose a safety problem.

4. Drainage

An efficient water drainage plan is integral to the success of your landscaping project, and improper drainage can have disastrous repercussions.

A good landscaper will know how to properly grade the surfaces of hard structures like patios and driveways for optimum water flow. Poor water movement can cause wet spots that kill plants and grass and even ruin the structure of nearby buildings. Proper drainage on your property can be achieved by adding gravel trenches or even a sump pump.

Landscaping services in Edmonton

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