5 tips for maintaining a healthy lawn

Lawn care can be complicated. The health of your grass depends on the type of soil, how much rain you get and many other factors. Follow these five tips to achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn all summer long.

  1. Find out the acidity of your soil
    The pH balance of your soil has a direct influence on your lawn’s health. Most types of grass thrive in soil that’s neutral or just slightly on the acidic side. Purchase a home testing kit to find out the pH balance of your soil. If necessary, talk to a landscaper. They can help you modify the acidity of your soil.

  2. Mow according to the weather

    When summer heat is at its worst, keeping your grass six centimetres or taller makes it more resistant to the sun and drought. It also prevents weeds from getting enough sun to thrive. To keep your grass strong and healthy, never cut more than one-third of its height at a time. Additionally, using a sharp mower blade ensures less damage and stress to your lawn.

  3. Water deeply and less often

    Watering your lawn for a short period of time every day doesn’t allow the water to reach deeper soil layers. Instead, water your lawn deeply once or twice a week, making sure it gets at least two centimetres of water a week. This allows grass roots to grow deeper, making the plants stronger and more resilient.

  4. Feed your lawn regularly

    Just like us, grass needs the proper nutrients to thrive. Feed your lawn in the spring and fall with a mix of quick and slow release fertilizers. This will ensure strong plants throughout the growing season. Just be sure not to fertilize dormant grass, as it won’t be able to absorb nutrients.

  5. Plant seed over sparse patches

    This will help strengthen your lawn and curb weed growth. The best time to plant seeds on existing turf, also called over-seeding, is in the spring or the early fall. Start by cutting the grass shorter than usual then rake the cuttings. Distribute seeds evenly by hand or using a spreader. Water your lawn right away and then once a day for a few days. Make sure to water deeply every two or three days for the following week to encourage deep root growth.


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