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6 Reasons to Choose a Sod Lawn

Sod is the most popular choice for homeowners due to its instant appeal, reliability and quick installation. Your barren land will be transformed into a lush green lawn in only a few hours. Sod is grass that is already planted. Also known as turf grass, it is longer than other types of grass and grows more evenly. Sod is sold in sections with a small part of soil beneath the grass that is held together by the root system or in some instances a biodegradable material. 

6 Reasons to Consider Sod for Your Lawn

Installing a sod lawn has many benefits. Here is the list of reasons to choose sod for your lawn:

  1. Sod Lawns Are More Dependable Than Seeding Lawns

    Lawn seeding seems like a less costly option than sodding. You need to consider a few things before deciding between sod and seed lawns. A seed lawn will need good soil preparation and premium seeds. The initial stages of seed growth need constant care and extensive labour. With new seedbed prone to birds and weeds, you may have to reseed damaged areas. There can’t be any foot traffic during the seed sprouting. The fully established seed lawn takes about 2 years to fully establish. 

    For sod lawn installation, after the initial soil prep, a mature turfgrass is laid out on your property. The sod lawn will take about a few weeks to establish. The difference between sod and a seed lawn is, with sod lawn you can enjoy the lawn in a short time frame. Sod lawns are healthier than seeding lawns as they use the best soil, proper fertilization and ample amount of water. Sod lawns have a strong foundation as compared to seeding lawns.

  2. Soil Erosion

    As sod is fully matured the day it is installed, it controls erosion immediately. Sod can be used on steep hills and slopes for stabilization. Grass holds the soil more effectively than any other plant because of its extensive root system. A healthy sod lawn may absorb rainfall 6 times more effectively than a wheat field. This helps in reducing water runoff. Sodding provides a vegetative cover to the areas that cannot be grown by seed.

  3. Maintenance

    Sod will need attention for about 2-4 weeks after the installation. Since it’s already full-grown, you won’t need any insecticides or chemicals for grass weeds. Newly planted sod needs to be watered twice a day for a couple of weeks until the roots are firmly planted in the soil. A sod won’t dry out as fast as a seed grass. In the case of a seeding lawn, you have to maintain the lawn with necessary moisture until the seeds are germinated properly. Maintenance of the seeding lawn is costly and time-consuming. With a sod lawn, you will save on frequent watering and workload.

  4. Instant Lawn

    Sodding is the fastest way to turn a bare patch of land into a lawn as soon as you finish installing it. You have the satisfaction of having a green lawn immediately. The average size yard will be installed in a few hours. Sod is the fastest alternative if you want to use your lawn for regular activities immediately.

  5. Cost

    Although seeding costs less, many costs may incur due to reseeding, overseeding, erosion and watering. You will have to use the necessary fertilizers to maintain the lawn. In hindsight, you will be spending more money on the maintenance of a seeded lawn. The only money you will be spending on sodding is to buy and install it.

  6. Filtration

    Sod lawns filter dust and dirt from your yard that helps in eliminating mud. With carbon dioxide absorption, it helps clean the air, releasing oxygen in the process. Your sod lawn can absorb noise from your home as well providing you with a calming sensation.

Tips to Prepare the Ground for Sod

  • Test your soil for the perfect growing environment for a sod lawn. Most lawns will thrive in a soil of pH towards the acidic side (between 6 and 7.5).
  • Measure the area that you want to convert into a lawn. It’s better to order 5 percent extra sod than the measured area. This will help you have enough sod to cut and fit around the curves.
  • Loosen the ground using a rototiller and apply a conditioner if necessary.
  • Remove anything clunky to achieve a levelled firm surface.

To learn about the 5 tips for maintaining a healthy lawn, read our blog.

Sodding helps you with a lush and even lawn. It is better for the environment and allows you to experience your lawn sooner, in addition to increasing the market value of your property. Tee Bar Sod Farms provides quality sod grass options in Edmonton. Contact our sod specialists for more information about sod grass options today.