Five Tips for Homeowners When Installing Sod

Laying sod requires careful attention to detail and planning. Whether you are renovating or laying a new lawn altogether, following some tips will help you cover all the areas of your home. Usage of top quality sod is essential for better results and to ensure that your project is successful. Count on Tee Bar Sod Farms Ltd for providing you with the highest quality sod rolls in Edmonton. We have been offering sod to residential and commercial customers for over 40 years.


Five Key Tips to Know When Laying Sod


1. Measure the Area

To ensure you are buying the right amount of sod grass, take accurate measurements of the yard. Use a measuring tape for precise length and width; multiplying these will give you the square footage required. The yard might also have circles or rectangle areas, so purchase a little extra sod to cover your yard fully.


2. Prepare the Soil for Sod

If you have an existing lawn, it’s better to remove weeds, twigs and debris. Clean out your yard of any big rocks by using a machine or by hand. For a new construction, ensure the drainage is completed before laying sod. Some tips to help you prepare your yard are:

  • The soil height should be lower than the driveways and sidewalks so that the rainwater can drain into the lawn
  • The complete area should be levelled so that water doesn’t stay in puddles


3. Install the Topsoil

You can also use a good amount of topsoil for your yard to achieve the necessary depth. Decide on the amount of topsoil required by taking into consideration the existing good soil. Spread and level the soil evenly with a roller in the yard. At Tee Bar Sod Farms, our sod is already fertilized so there’s no need to add any fertilizer prior to laying the sod. If you do wish to add fertilizer, we recommend waiting at least 2 weeks.


4. Laying the Sod

You can install sod rolls in a brick wise fashion with edges fitting together. Check for gaps and cover hard to reach places such as curved areas. Use a utility knife to cut the pieces. While laying sod:

  • Avoid watering the topsoil before installation as you will have to deal with wet mud
  • Lay sod pieces snuggled together; don't overlap them
  • Ensure space is available for sprinkler heads from the ground


5. Maintaining the Sod

As soon as you are done installing the lawn, water the yard for at least an hour. Check if the bottom of the sod is moist or it needs more water. Less water can cause the sod to dry out. Some tips for maintaining your sod lawn are:

  • Water the sod lawn regularly for the first couple of weeks until it takes root. We recommend watering it twice daily, for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening.
  • Avoid walking too much on the new lawn for the first couple of weeks as it will be fragile. Also avoid placing any lawn equipment on the lawn for 14 days until it is fully established.


There are many reasons to choose a sod lawn for your home because of its dependability and affordability. Tee Bar Sod Farms Ltd provides sod rolls to increase the value and add to the curb appeal of your home.


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