Improving Your Home's Curb Appeal Starts Here

As summer nears, many homeowners start focusing their attention on their lawn. But what to do and where to begin? If you’re inspired to get out there and start improving your property, the first thing to consider is what improvements your lawn needs most and then lay the groundwork. Rather than attempt to landscape an entire yard, professionals will focus on specific areas to bring your lawn back to life. If you’re considering sod professionals or you’re shopping for quality sod to nurture your lawn, Tee Bar Sod Farms in Edmonton can help you re-invigorate your lawn, thereby enhancing your curb appeal.

Landscaping and lawn improvements that add real value

Landscaping adds value to any home, but not all enhancements are the same. Tackling your lawn’s problem areas will add more value to your property than say adding decorative features or elements. Lawn improvements that can transform your yard both esthetically and structurally frequently include adjusting your yard slope to restore visual symmetry and provide better water drainage. This involves installing new quality sod like those provided by Tee Bar Sod Farms. A well-manicured Edmonton lawn with the right number and type of trees, bushes and flowers will draw positive attention.

Tips and ideas to really boost your curb appeal 

If you’ve neglected your lawn for some time, chances are you’ll probably have no trouble deciding what to improve. On the other hand, if your lawn’s in pretty good shape but lacks style, definition or polish, you might want to check out these pro tips:

  • Clear the yard of debris, clutter and dated lawn ornaments
  • Trim bushes and trees and replace spindly looking plants
  • Re-sod areas that have poor, thin or no grass
  • Plant a few evergreen trees and bushes for fall and winter appeal
  • Plant seasonal plants designed to bloom at different times during the spring, summer and fall

The yard of your dreams

This season, don’t neglect your lawn when considering how to improve your curb appeal. Consult the sod specialists at Tee Bar Sod Farms for top advice on lawn grass improvements and pick up to quality sod or get it delivered. We’re proud to serve Edmonton and surrounding areas. Contact us today!