Landscaping Trends to Get You Ready for Spring 2018

If there’s one thing you want when it comes to making your yard beautiful, it’s to be in style. With so many different styles and trends to choose from, how can you make sure that property’s landscape design stays current? At Tee Bar Sod Farms, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field of landscape supply. Keep reading to find out more about 4 trends that are sweeping our yards for spring 2018.

  1. The year of the water feature

Designers will all tell you that 2018 is nothing if not the year of the garden pond. While previous years were all about making a statement with eye-catching koi ponds and oversized fountains, 2018’s trending water features are set to be a bit more reserved. Imagine a small coin pond in the backyard lined with gorgeous, glistening stones and a small waterfall constantly flowing with the gentle babble of a distant brook. Visit our store for all the landscaping supplies you need in the Edmonton area.

2. Tulips everywhere

There’s no other flower quite like the tulip. The way it blooms simply sings that springtime has arrived. Tulips are the perfect flower for would-be landscaping geniuses who find themselves with a rodent-free garden (otherwise your flowers will be maimed). With a variety of vibrant colours to choose from, tulips are the perfect flower to fill out any outdoor green space.

3. Welcome wildlife

With so much urban development and industrial buildings taking the place of natural habitats, many homeowners have decided to make their outdoor space wildlife friendly. This could mean a number of different things. For example, you can begin growing plants that bear berries suitable for local wildlife consumption. If you’re a fan of birds, you could hang a funky birdhouse or two around your deck and trees and keep them stocked with delicious birdfeed.

4. Go big on outdoor entertainment

Creative outdoor living spaces are all the rage in 2018. While we’ve already seen tons of ideas that include fire pits and covered patios, there’s a new trend sweeping backyards everywhere: outdoor kitchens. These wonderful additions to your back patio offer a variety of benefits, including the power to take your entertaining possibilities to a whole new level!

If you’re looking to refresh your landscaping this summer and need the right supplies to do it, come down to Tee Bar Sod Farms. Our expert staff will help you find everything you need to make your project a reality. We even deliver! Visit us here for more information regarding out products and services.

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