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Pros and Cons of Grass Seed vs. Sod

Is the front yard of your house starting to look a little dead? Are you looking to spruce up your landscaping?

If so, you've probably looked at ways of planting new grass for the upcoming spring and summer. But then you're left with the tough decision of grass seed vs sod. 

So which one is better? How do you even compare the two?

That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out whether grass seed or sod is right for you. 


What Are Grass Seed and Sod?

Grass seed is exactly what the name suggests. It's the seed that you plant to grow grass, and most homes probably used these seeds when starting on their lawns.

There are different types of grass seed, but they're usually all engineered to grow a big bed of grass on your lawn to make it look nice.

Sod, on the other hand, incorporates both the grass and the small part of the grass underneath it. Think of it like a bed of grass and the soils attached to that grass. It's almost like a grass carpet that you lay down on your lawn.

Each product has different pros and cons, which you should know before you make a decision on choosing one over the other.

Examining the Pros and Cons of Seed vs. Sod

Sod and grass seed have different qualities that make them beneficial for one user but detrimental for the other. Let's look at these advantages and disadvantages here to help you make an informed decision.

Grass Seed Pros

Grass seed has a much lower initial cost compared to sod. There's also a lot less labour involved, as it doesn't go much farther beyond just planting seeds and watering your lawn.

You also get much greater flexibility in the grass seeds you can choose. You can optimize the grass to fit your home's look or your region's climate.

Sod Pros

Its instant results are one of the biggest benefits of sod. This means you won't have to wait to see beautiful, green grass on your lawn. Sod, if treated right, also takes just a few weeks to become fully established and properly rooted.

It can also be planted at any time in the year, meaning you won't rely on the season to grow grass.

Grass Seed Cons

There are only select seasons when you can plant grass seeds if you want them to properly germinate and grow. Additionally, you have to keep people off your seeded lawns for weeks at a time if you want the grass to grow right.

Sod Cons

Sod requires much more labour than grass seeds, and it generally has a higher initial cost. You might not have a lot of flexibility in terms of grass choices.

Grass Seed vs Sod: Find the Right Option

Making sure your home has a beautiful lawn is a labour of love, and choosing between grass seed vs sod is an important part of that process. Use this article to find the right type and make your front and back yards look immaculate today.

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