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Gravel for Landscaping Projects in Edmonton

Affordable, durable and versatile, gravel is a great choice for many landscaping projects and property applications. Whether you are looking to use for driveways or smaller projects such as pathways, gravel makes sense for jobs of various sizes. When used along with other landscaping materials like pavers or larger natural stone features, it creates a nice natural-looking transition. If you are looking to purchase gravel in Edmonton, turn to your trusted suppliers at Tee Bar Sod Farms. We carry a wide range of decorative rock and gravel in the sizes you need. For your convenience, we offer delivery 7 days a week within the Edmonton area. Are you ready to get started? Place your order today!

Mix with Larger Natural Rocks

Are you planning to create a large pathway that winds through your commercial or residential property? Gravel is not only cost-effective, it also looks nice when paired with other stones. You might use a border of natural stone and then fill in the path with gravel. This will add interest to larger areas while also working well with your drainage system. Some designers may prefer larger stepping stones in the middle of the walkway and then a gravel transition to your plants and garden beds.

What to Know about Gravel

Essentially there are two forms of gravel – manmade crushed rock with sharp, irregular edges and natural river rock or pebbles that are rounded. Gravel can range in size, typically from 1/8” to 1 ½”. If you have questions about gravel in Edmonton, the skilled staff at Tee Bar Sod Farms can help you decide what makes sense for your project.

If you have a high-traffic area such as a walkway or patio, the manmade crushed rock is typically preferred as it binds well together and offers a stable surface to walk on. You could also use around plantings as ground cover. If you are interested in a more attractive alternative for a low-traffic area, you could consider the smoother river rock. Keep in mind it will be less stable under your feet.

Tips on Installing Gravel

Many landscape designers and contractors have a preferred method on how to install gravel. Many professionals may prefer to excavate and then layer with crushed rock, sand and gravel. Others may choose a simpler method of laying a 2- or 3-inch layer of gravel directly on compacted soil that has been cleared of weeds and other debris. Different installation methods may be required depending on your application.

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