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Road Crush in Edmonton

If you are planning to build a retaining wall or a walkway, you will need a solid base. That’s where Tee Bar Sod Farm can help. We supply road crush in Edmonton to create a base for your natural stone, concrete and asphalt installations. We offer standard sizes of road crush suitable for applications of all types and sizes. If you have questions about the road crush we offer, please give us a call or simply stop by and see us. For your convenience we offer deliveries 7 days a week. If you are ready to get started, give us a call to place your order. Serving landscape professionals, contractors and homeowners, we stock a wide range of materials, including gravel and decorative rock.

What is Road Crush?

Road crush is a compaction material comprised of sand and rock and used as a base under various types of paving stones, asphalt and concrete. Sizes vary from as small as ¼” to greater than 2”. Smaller crushed stone may be used as a binding agent while larger sizes may be used for erosion control or even decorative purposes.

Uses for Road Crush in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

Crushed stone is a versatile material used in a range of applications, depending on the size and type. You may be interested in purchasing road crush in Edmonton for the following purposes.

  • Base or sub-base material – due to its high compaction rate, road crush is a popular choice as a base or sub-base material for retaining walls, patios, paver walkways and various other structures.
  • Driveways and roads – can be used both as a base and surfacing material. Whether the top layer is paved or gravel, a crushed aggregate base is necessary to maintain structural integrity. Road crush is both affordable and attractive when used as a surface material on driveways and roads.
  • Drainage – common in various applications, this product allows water to slowly drain into the soil or ground water supply. It can help reduce flooding, pooling and reduce storm water runoff.

If you have questions about our road crush in Edmonton or if you need recommendations on the right product for your job, please contact us. Tee Bar Sod Farms will keep your job on schedule with prompt deliveries, 7 days a week.


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