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Topsoil in Edmonton, Alberta

If you are looking to promote and maintain the health of your garden, Tee Bar Sod Farms has the materials you need. We are pleased to offer topsoil in Edmonton for our residential and commercial customers. You can expect competitive rates and timely deliveries, 7 days a week. Along with topsoil, we can meet your specific gardening needs with peat moss and garden mix. Are you planning a new garden or expanding your existing one? We have the quantities needed for jobs of all types and sizes. Let us help give your plantings a healthy start. Give us a call or come see us in person to place an order or ask a question.

Enjoy the Benefits of Topsoil

Topsoil is a good choice for many landscaping projects, whether you are filling in areas of your yard, growing new grass or giving plants a healthy start. Quality topsoil, like the product sold at Tee Bar Sod Farms, contains a rich mix of nutrients. The organic matter it contains will give it a darker appearance than subsoil. It is often used by gardeners and landscapers to improve the quality of soil being worked. You might find that the soil around your house is sandy or contains a fair amount of clay. By adding a few inches of topsoil, you can achieve a nutrient-rich area that allows plants and seeds to grow properly and spread new roots. We take pride in maintaining a quality and consistent product that will work well for your property.

Peat Moss & Garden Mix

Many gardeners use peat moss as a way to enhance existing soil or to use as a component in potting soils or seed-starting mediums. Peat moss is beneficial as it holds several times its weight in moisture and will release this needed moisture to the plant roots. As it breaks down slowly, one application can last for several years. Commonly used for gardens, tree planting of flower beds, garden mix is a popular blend that is available in bulk at our facility. If you have questions about the mix we use and the recommend uses, please let us know.

Order Your Delivery of Topsoil in Edmonton

Tee Bar Sod Farms is dedicated to supplying you with the highest quality soils and landscaping products. We are proud to be your trusted source for topsoil in Edmonton and look forward to promoting the healthy growth of your landscape. Whether you have a small garden or large landscaping project, we can help. Place your order today or feel free to come see us in person.


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